Hi I'm Ethan Muller

Welcome to my web page.

I’m a designer/developer.

I’m interested in the space between design and development.

I want to build fun and/or meaningful things.


  • GoofballI made a mobile game. There’s not much to it yet, but it’s really fun to play with.
  • Pico-8 CartsLittle code experiments. You can view them in the browser. You can view the source code.
  • The Marvelous N-headed BeastLet’s try to write a story together. Everybody sees the same words live. You can only say one word at a time.


  • humming
  • css
  • tae kwon do
  • after effects
  • organizing
  • stretchy skin
  • git
  • ux
  • ui
  • massages
  • lua
  • larping
  • art
  • amateur falconry
  • game design
  • embroidery
  • rubber ducking
  • illustrator
  • gentleness
  • touchdesigner
  • graphic design
  • whistling
  • debugging
  • hand tricks
  • sharing
  • patience
  • scss
Bye I'm Ethan Muller